Manufacturing & Distribution

Our Manufacturing and Distribution division has a diverse range of offerings. As is our established practice we pursue ventures that serve the needs of the community while maintaining service excellence without any compromises.

The Manufacturing and Distribution division consists of two RMG concerns and serves as the exclusive distributor of Petronas since 2012. Furthermore, UG owns a large tea estate and recently launched a chemical plant, all while maintaining our commitment to innovation.

To diversify and expand revenue streams, we’ve ventured into spinning, lubricant, and chemical production. Our primary goal is to procure locally produced materials, enhancing efficiency and reducing import-related costs and bureaucracy.

Our main aim is to enable our manufacturing ventures and industrial apparatus to source locally produced materials. This not only enhances efficiency and reduces costs by eliminating supply chain markups and customs bureaucracy but also benefits our forex reserves by keeping transactions domestic. Examples include Comilla Spinning Mills, United Lube Oil, and our latest venture, United Sulpho Chemicals, all pioneering indigenous solutions traditionally reliant on imports.

Our vision is to strengthen the manufacturing industry’s self-sufficiency, contributing to job creation and sustainable GDP growth, ultimately bolstering the national economy.

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Comilla spinning mills ltd.

Established in 1996, the factory is nestled in the heart of Burichong, Comilla, spread over 13 acres of land, with 1100 full-time dedicated workers managing and operating the plant around the clock.

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Gunze united ltd.

Gunze Ltd. is a 118 years old Japanese icon starting its journey in silk thread manufacturing and we took the initiative this brand to this country by forming a Joint Venture Company – Gunze United Ltd in March 2012. 

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United lube oil ltd.

United Group has ventured into the domestic lubricant market of Bangladesh through its fully owned subsidiary

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Moulvi Tea Estate

United Group acquired the 716 hectares Moulvi Tea Garden in Sylhet, recently. At the time of takeover, only a portion of the land were utilized for plantation and the potential was partially utilized.

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United sulpho-chemicals ltd.

United Sulpho-Chemicals Limited is being established with the aim of meeting the ever-growing demands of Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES) …

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United Aygaz

The inception of United Aygaz LPG Ltd. began as a joint venture between the reputed Turkish LPG company Aygaz…

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United Energy Trading Pte. Ltd.

UETPL is actively developing its cargo and fuel handling capacity for expanding business & sale of fuel to other…

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