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United Energy Trading Pte. Ltd.

UETPL is actively developing its cargo and fuel handling capacity for expanding business & sale of fuel to other third-party power plants upon meeting the demand of power plants under United Group

United Energy Trading Pte. Ltd. (UETPL) is the 100 % owned subsidiary auxiliary company of United Group. Situated in Singapore and responsible for the procurement of goods and services for all of the projects performed by the united group. United Energy Trading Pte. Ltd. is the overseas trading arm for United Group’s Bangladesh operations specially sourcing fuel for Power Plants and managing their logistics. UETPL is directly affiliated with United Tank Terminal Limited (UTTL), another subsidiary of United Group.

  • UETPL’s revenue has been on an upward trend over the last 5 fiscal year
  • Presently handles 25-30 cargoes per year (approx. 650 KT)
  • In 2016-17 the Company had 7 shipments of cargo, in 2020-21 that number
    increased to 32.

Message from Executive Director

The core philosophy of UETPL is to act as a sourcing arm for its sister concerns. Carrying forward the vision of the Group, UETPL works tirelessly to achieve the maximum benefits for its clients and ultimate beneficiaries. With the right combination of 43 years of trust and the legacy of the Group, the thought of the current UG leadership is to focus more on sustainable growth for its present and upcoming ventures. UEPTL seeks to contribute to the Group’s vision of having the footprint in the entire spectrum of the supply chain. I firmly believe the thoughts of the current leadership are well diversified to face future challenges.

Kayes Khalil

Executive Director United Energy Trading Pte. Ltd

Expand HFO Supply to Other Power Plants in Bangladesh

Procure Ocean-going ships

Improve Operational & Cost Efficiency

Source LNG for supply to terminals in Bangladesh