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The performance of the service sector holds significant sway over a country’s economy. Amidst the process of global economic integration, competitiveness emerges as a pivotal factor in the success of international trade. Therefore, competition within the services sector can profoundly influence the overall competitiveness of our economy.


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The retail and services division like all other concerns of United Group were developed to address specific needs and serve tailored niches.

  • Unimart is a showcase of what a modern hypershop should be.
  • Wellbeing is where customers can purchase whatever medicine and supplements they require.
  • Orange Solution offers intelligent solutions for enterprises.
  • United Makkah Madinah offers a hassle free travel experience for Hajjis
  • United Engineering & Power services offer high quality operation and repair services
  • United Securities offer reliable brokerage services
  • And United Energy Trading helps Power Plants source fuel

United’s unique understanding of the country as a whole and its people has enabled us to pinpoint key areas where substantial contributions can be made in the services sector. Be it providing end to end construction solutions to travel assistance to capital market, retail and power plant operation and maintenance, United has successfully created a unique example of dedication in client service in the service industry of Bangladesh.

Unimart Ltd.

Being a state-of-the-art supershop chain in Dhanmondi and Gulshan, UNIMART provides a unique shop- ping experience for everyone. UNIMART not only has daily necessities like vegetables, groceries, apparel etc.

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Wellbeing Pharmacy

Wellbeing always ensures provenance and efficiency with all types of Clinical fundamentals & Personal care products for the Wellbeing of loved ones. In Wellbeing, we aim to provide nothing but the best quality goods and service assurance.

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Orange Solutions Ltd.

Orange Solutions Ltd. (OSL) and Orange IT Ltd. (OITL) are the newest tech initiatives by United Group that aim to cover the complete business automation solution. Orange Solutions Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.

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United Makkah Madina Travel Assistance Co. Ltd.

United Makkah Madina Travel Assistance Co. Ltd. embarked upon its mission to be a facilitator and guide for the hajjis during this holy duty.

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United Engineering & Power Services Ltd.

United Engineering & Power Services Ltd. (UEPSL) is the Largest Local Power Plant Operation and Maintenance company in Bangladesh and is a subsidiary of United Group. 

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United Securities Ltd.

United Securities Ltd, USL (DSE TREC No: 207) is a subsidiary of United Group, one of the biggest business conglomerate in Bangladesh,

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