Medix is a reliable healthcare experience at your doorstep now. We began our journey in 2005 with United Hospital Bangladesh. The motto is to provide our patients quality healthcare services.

Medix is a reliable healthcare experience at your doorstep now. We began our journey in 2005 with United Hospital Bangladesh. The motto is to provide our patients quality healthcare services. A bunch of hardworking and experienced physicians who are well known for their expertise and commitment to provide top-notch clinical care. Also, we have a group of friendly & well-trained phlebotomists, nurses, and other supporting staffs to ensure high quality healthcare service. We believe in patient-centered, personalized care to manifest compassion and trust towards our patients.

Medix is offering one-to-one patients support and home sample collection service. We pride ourselves on the ability to offer medical day care center, dentistry, child development center, physical medicine & rehabilitation center, pharmacy and vaccination facilities under one roof. Additionally, Medix has a state-of-the-art dialysis & chemotherapy center that is offering a wide range of clinical service to our patients. We have a broad range of diagnostic laboratories as well. At Medix, you will receive right healthcare you need at the right time to ensure hope and healing to our patients and their families. Patients trust us with their most valuable belonging-their lives and we try to provide our every patient healing & support.

Manufacturing & Distribution


The inception of United Aygaz LPG Ltd. began as a joint venture between the reputed Turkish LPG company Aygaz and the established United Enterprise on January 20, 2021, aiming to play its part in the import, storage, bottling, distribution, and marketing of LPG in Bangladesh. 

The inception of United Aygaz LPG Ltd. began as a joint venture between the reputed Turkish LPG company Aygaz and the established United Enterprise on January 20, 2021, aiming to play its part in the import, storage, bottling, distribution, and marketing of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Bangladesh under the brand name Aygaz United. 

With Bangladesh’s growing economy, the per capita energy consumption is also increasing every day. Keeping that in mind, we are dedicated to provide the people with the energy to live their best, every day. With excellent quality, unparallel service, dedicated logistic support and sustainable innovation, Aygaz United promises to cater to the needs of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial segments through authorized distributors all across the country. 

Our ultimate goal is to be the best – not just the best energy solutions provider, but the best friend a consumer needs, the one that guarantees the supply of efficient energy and the necessary service they need to live happy, fulfilling lives.

Aygaz United upholds honesty, integrity and ethics as its core value and aims to bring about a revolution in the Bangladeshi LPG sector and become a leader in the industry by integrating quality and safety standards, by always acting responsibly towards society as well as the environment that surrounds us.

Aygaz United’s key objective is the creation of resources for continuous development. Aygaz United LPG has brought 60+ years of experience to Bangladesh market from Turkey and the experts who have the expertise of delivering high quality service, customer satisfaction and a large network to their assistance and have been working at a global level. We manufacture cylinders that are certified for enhanced safety to withstand tougher work environments.

Aygaz United LPG proudly claims that we are the supplier of eco-friendly low-carbon fuel, that delivers better results compared to alternatives in terms of CO2 emissions. By taking the initiatives to be socially and environmentally responsible is something we practice at the core of our business. Aygaz United continues to innovate disruptive technology to bring sustainable changes to simplify daily lives. We closely monitor our impact on people and the planet, ensuring sustainable tomorrow.


United Medical College

United Medical College is dedicated to achieving academic excellence in medical education while nurturing high moral and professional standards in our students, ensuring compassionate care towards patients. Moreover, we aim to establish and evolve into a world-class, self-reliant institute for medical and health science education, spanning undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels, with a strong emphasis on global competence. Additionally, our commitment extends to serving and educating the public, as well as establishing guidelines and treatment protocols for hospitals to follow.

Message from Principal

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome the new students to be admitted into this medical college. With a team of full-time highly experienced and dedicated teachers of renowned medical colleges of Bangladesh and with adequate modern aids of teaching facilities. It is my expectation that due to proper utilization of these facilities, the students will be able to furnish themselves as competent doctors to serve the national and international aptitudes.

I like to inform the students and their guardians with great pleasure that teachers of the United Medical College have been taking classes for the purpose of benefit of the students since April ’20 even in Coronavirus crisis under the instruction of the authority of the United Medical College.

I, on behalf of this institution, wish to assure the guardians that our declarations and sincere efforts combining with the support of the guardians shall allow us to provide efficient doctors for the future generation. “

Prof. Dr. Abdul Wakil

Principal United Medical College
M A Rashid Hospital

M A Rashid Hospital

Jamalpur 250 Bed

Jamalpur 250 Bed

With 250 beds M A Rashid hospital is a state of the art medical facilitiy constructed in Jamalpur with world class healthcare amenities ensuring right diagnosis for right treatment. The experience of United Hospital is embedded into the DNA of M A Rashid Hospital to build an example in the country’s healthcare ecosystem. The emotional attachment of United Group empathizes with the people of the country who were deprived of updated technology to provide the right healthcare service. The emergency department of M A Rashid Hospital is designed with a nationally competitive standard of medical experience which was missing in Jamalpur. Located at the heart of the city, this subsidized organization is already a landmark for the citizens as an iconic installation by United Trust.

The operations of the hospitals will be conducted under direct supervision of United Hospital Limited. There will be full time salaried doctors, consultants on retainer ship basis and visiting consultants. The management of the hospital is in the hands of people who have accumulated decades of experience operating such modern hospitals.

A dream to reach every household with the right medical service they deserve has been one of the goals of United Group. We began this journey to realize this goal of ours with United Hospital Limited and now with M A Rashid Hospital we continue to expand our reach.

Manufacturing & Distribution

United Energy Trading Pte. Ltd.

UETPL is actively developing its cargo and fuel handling capacity for expanding business & sale of fuel to other third-party power plants upon meeting the demand of power plants under United Group

United Energy Trading Pte. Ltd. (UETPL) is the 100 % owned subsidiary auxiliary company of United Group. Situated in Singapore and responsible for the procurement of goods and services for all of the projects performed by the united group. United Energy Trading Pte. Ltd. is the overseas trading arm for United Group’s Bangladesh operations specially sourcing fuel for Power Plants and managing their logistics. UETPL is directly affiliated with United Tank Terminal Limited (UTTL), another subsidiary of United Group.

  • UETPL’s revenue has been on an upward trend over the last 5 fiscal year
  • Presently handles 25-30 cargoes per year (approx. 650 KT)
  • In 2016-17 the Company had 7 shipments of cargo, in 2020-21 that number
    increased to 32.

Message from Executive Director

The core philosophy of UETPL is to act as a sourcing arm for its sister concerns. Carrying forward the vision of the Group, UETPL works tirelessly to achieve the maximum benefits for its clients and ultimate beneficiaries. With the right combination of 43 years of trust and the legacy of the Group, the thought of the current UG leadership is to focus more on sustainable growth for its present and upcoming ventures. UEPTL seeks to contribute to the Group’s vision of having the footprint in the entire spectrum of the supply chain. I firmly believe the thoughts of the current leadership are well diversified to face future challenges.

Kayes Khalil

Executive Director United Energy Trading Pte. Ltd

Expand HFO Supply to Other Power Plants in Bangladesh

Procure Ocean-going ships

Improve Operational & Cost Efficiency

Source LNG for supply to terminals in Bangladesh


Utshob means Fest/Fiesta in Bangla, and this is what exactly by its name. The fifth F&B brand of UNIMART LIMITED, promised to deliver the finest varieties of food a Bengali delicacies of old Dhaka and various places of Bangladesh. An ultimate combination of diverse exploration of food and unforgettable experience of the genuine Bangla foods’ taste in one place, UTSHOB. A classic mood elevator for the souls with the richest variation of flavorsome dishes.


UNIMART LIMITED’s fourth F&B brand launched in 2019, serves one of the freshest burgers and crispiest chicken in town. Not just that; the items come with unique varieties and mouthful flavors. From juniors to the seniors, all love the great taste of Crisp. Whether one comes alone, with friends or family; Crisp keeps them all busy enjoying the delicious fresh meals and snacks every day. This quick service food chain is available at every Chef’s Table in Bangladesh.

Retail & Services

United securities limited

United Securities Ltd, USL (DSE TREC No: 207) is a subsidiary of United Group. Established to provide reliable end to end stock brokerage services to clients within and beyond Bangladesh.

United Securities Ltd, USL (DSE TREC No: 207) is a subsidiary of United Group, which provides comprehensive brokerage services to its local and foreign clients in the Dhaka Stock Exchange. At USL, unlike the existing conventional brokerage platforms, we believe the trust of the clients is the main ingredient of success which can only be achieved by putting the client’s interest first and by taking investment decision with adequate basis. We strongly back our clients with the best research insights and believe investing in stocks can only bring good when we can guide our clients to sustainably grow their wealth. In addition to brokerage services USL also provides advisory services to help manage client investment.

In keeping with the vision of “Client’s Interest First”, within only 3 months from its inception in July’2018, USL was ranked 5th in terms of turnover in the DSE, which also bears witness to the guidance and leadership of the industry best and veteran professionals in USL.

USL Foreign Desk facilitates international investment in Bangladesh, through the Bloomberg Terminal: USL <GO>, where the highly capable research team publishes quality and timely investment insights on Bangladesh Market, Economy and Specific Company Overviews.

Message from CEO

United securities Ltd. has a strong team of industry professionals who always focus on putting client’s interest first and guiding them to sustainable growth of wealth. We provide our clients with the best research insights through both fundamental and technical analysis to make the best decision for their investment.

At we USL we strive to:

  • Upholding highest standard of ethics and professionalism
  • Inspiring innovation and being adaptive to change
  • Growing with best people and creating a culture of continuous learning and constant improvements
  • Remaining always transparent with clients
  • Ensuring the sustainable growth of wealth for our clients and helping them reach their financial goals
  • Individual rewards are tied to performance meritocratic

USL is an integral part of United’s ecosystem of services and going forward we want to continue to play our role in making the noble vision the founders and directors have for this institution a reality.

Md Khairul Anam Chowdhury

CEO United Securities Ltd.
Retail & Services


United Engineering & Power Services Ltd. (UEPSL) is the Largest Local Power Plant Operation and Maintenance company in Bangladesh and is a subsidiary of United Group. It provides a one-stop operation & maintenance solution for power project developers, especially for Independent Power Producers (IPP), where availability is crucial for the profitability & sustainability of the business.

With a manpower strength of more than 800 Engineers, UEPSL has the widest range of experience on reciprocating engine operation & maintenance in Bangladesh and is presently operating and maintaining 9 Power Plants with a combined capacity of 1,196 MW with 56 MW of heat recovery systems. In addition, Technical Support including laboratory, testing and treatment services are being provided to three more power plants of capacity 287 MW and other subsidiaries of United Group. Together with operation and maintenance, UEPSL also provides procurement and supply chain management services to provide maximum reliability to its clients.

The company was established on 29th August 2011 with the primary goal of facilitating the maintenance of generators/engines of various power plants under United Group. A fully equipped and functional maintenance workshop has been constructed at Sarkar Market, Norosinghopur, Ashulia, Savar, located beside the Ashulia-EPZ Highway, with top-quality logistic supports along with multiple other workshops all across Bangladesh.

Message from Director

United Engineering & Power Services Ltd. (UEPSL) is the Largest Operation and Maintenance Company of Power Plant in Bangladesh, a subsidiary of United Group. The company was established on 29 August 2011 with the prime goal of achieving maximum availability to ensure the optimum power dispatch to the national grid and private customers by providing best-in-class operation & maintenance solution.

Currently, we are managing operation, maintenance, procurement & technical services for 9 power plants with a combined capacity of 1,195 MW with 61 MW of cogeneration, 113 reciprocating engines along with 7 HRSG, in-house laboratory by more than 700 proficient manpower. In addition, technical supports including validating design & drawing, laboratory, testing and treatment services provided to other sister concerns of United Group.
UEPSL also works with different engine and equipment manufacturers for the performance enhancement & troubleshooting.

UEPSL committed to play an important role for the continual profitability & sustainability of the group’s business by enhancing the strength of its O&M team, broaden its service scope and develop & modernize its workshop facilities to ensure the clients satisfaction.

Syed Mohammad Ali

Managing Director UEPSL


  • Provides best-in-class service & maintenance services and ancillary facilities for reciprocating engine and / or cogeneration-based power plants
  • Plant Average Availability achieved: 90% plus
  • Fully equipped and functional maintenance workshop at multiple locations across the country
  • Personnel Strength: 800 plus Engineers
  • Offers a broad range of maintenance services (including critical services like Cylinder Liner Honing, Cleaning, etc.)
  • Successfully completed major maintenance procedures of Wärtsilä 20V34SG Engines, Rolls Royce B35:40V20AG2 engines, Wartsila W20V32E, MWM TCG2032V16 engines and regular maintenance of Steam Turbines with capacity ranging from 6.5 to 16.1 MW
  • Successfully operated 100,000 hrs on Wartsila and 50,000 hrs on Bergen Engines
  • Experience of operating and procuring equipment and spare parts from major OEMs like ABB, Napier, AVK, Atlas Copco, KSB, Siemens, Triveni, Alfa-Laval, Aalborg, Westfalia, AAF, etc.
  • End to End value-added solutions including procurement and supply chain management

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 18001:2007 Certification

Client List


PlantCapacityGenerating Set
United Power Generation & Distribution Company Limited

Dhaka Export Processing Zone, Chattogram Export Processing Zone
158 MW9 X Wärtsilä 20V34SG + 8 X Bergen B35:40V20AG2
United Energy Limited

Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria

53 MW14 X MTU Germany AOE20V4000L62
United Ashuganj Energy Limited

Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria
195 MW20 X Wartsila W20V34SG + 16.1 MW Triveni turbine
United Energy Limited

Kumargaon, Sylhet
28 MW3 X Bergen B35:40V20AG2
United Mymensingh Power Limited

Jamalpur Sadar
200 MW21 X Wärtsilä W20V32 + 2 X Triveni 6.5 MW turbines
United Jamalpur Power Limited

Jamalpur Sadar
115 MW12 X Wärtsilä W20V32 + 1 X Triveni 7.5 MW turbine
United Anwara Power Limited

Anwara, Chattogram
300 MW17 X Wärtsilä W18V46 + 3 X Triveni 8 MW
United Payra Power Limited

Kholishakhali, Patuakhali
150 MW8 X Wärtsilä W18V50 + 1 X Wärtsilä W20V32
Leviathan Global BD Limited

Karnaphuli Export Processing Zone
45 MW5 X Wärtsilä 20V34SG

Clientele: United Group, Private Clients

Future Plans

UEPSL plans to increase the strength of its service team, broaden its service scope and develop & modernize its workshop facilities to attract international clients. Along with serving United Group, UEPSL wishes to extend its private clientele and continue being one the most reputed O&M service and power solution provider companies in Bangladesh.

Service Experience

672 MW

O&M Experience

287 MW

Technical Support

1401 MW

Total investment in service support & O&M

United House

United House

Equipped with modern facilities and amenities to match a contemporary lifestyle.