Message from the Chief Advisor

Beginning our journey in 1978, we set up a course to establish a name that will eventually become one of the most trusted business houses in the country. Looking back at the 40 wonderful years that we have travelled in this path, the journey has not been easy, but immensely fruitful, nevertheless. Over the years we have set a course to be the best brand committed to excellence in all our endeavors. Our elemental strength is our ability to adopt the present day challenges while we also attend to our individual responsibilities to the society and our nation at large.

United was conceived as a business entity committed to socio economic development of the country as we continuously enhance value for our stakeholders. United’s obligation is not limited only to its investors; United has never failed to uphold its responsibilities to all those who are impacted by its operation as an economic entity.

We have a duty towards our country, the Government being one of our key stakeholders. United has earned recognition of being the highest value added tax payer in the country, through one of its concerns. All relevant taxes and duties are a paid in time.

All relevant taxes and duties are a paid in time and all our businesses are conducted in adherence to the rules and regulations applicable for the businesses.

We are selective when it comes to implementing projects, our major selection criteria being the scope for value addition to the society and the economy. We have introduced a number of pioneering solutions to various sectors of the country, namely infrastructural projects such as power plants. We believe in working hand in hand with the government and congratulate the government’s initiate on Public-Private Partnership projects.

We are also hopeful about our ongoing Real estate projects such as United City a township project located in Satarkul Dhaka and IPCO Developments (Bangladesh) Ltd. We are setting up a High-Tech IT Park approved by BEPZA within United City.

We have braved unchartered territories, without hesitating to shoulder the “all-risk” package. From establishing the first Independent Power Plant in Khulna to the first, and till date the only, private Land Port between Myanmar and Bangladesh at Teknaf, United has been a tale of many firsts over the past 4 decades.

United attracts meritorious employees as we offer a platform to perform to the best of abilities. Our diverse business portfolio, spanning from healthcare to education, power generation to port, terminal, shipping, from manufacturing to real-estate, ensures a synergy giving a wider exposure to multi-various industries to our employees.

Human capital are our most important assets and investing in them for their development remains to be one of our core business strengths. For the betterment of the employees we are providing Medical & Insurance Facilities, interest free loan and also building Executive Official Complex within United City. In future we have plan to provide transport facilities to the employees.

Bangladesh has been a nation truly blessed by mother nature. The natural resources and the terrains embedded in the folds of this small country is a gift. As business house operating on this very land, we have an obligation to take care of the environment around us. We have adopted environment friendly practices. Our power plants have ISO certification, we use multi-stage processes in our power plants to reduce the burden on precious fossil fuels, our industries have closed loop ventilation systems. Our project design teams prioritize efficiency in both construction and operations stages as it is only through efficiency can we ensure less consumption from the nature and reduced emissions to the nature.

Last but not the least remains the duty to our community. Through United Trust we intend to inject our blessings back to the society. United Trust is the social welfare organ of United and has been focusing on critical issues such as rural education, health and sanitation, poverty alleviation and community service. United shall keep patronizing United Trust as much as they required in their endeavor to contribute to the community.

We believe in growing together. United has evolved together with the nation and if the Almighty wishes, shall continue to match pace and support the growth of the nation as Bangladesh moves onto its next growth chapter.

We are United to build the nation and take care of the community around us.

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