45th Foundation Day Message – Chairman and Managing Director

Dear United family,

Assalamu Alaikum.

In the graceful light of our Creator, I congratulate you all to be united for the 45th year of this institution. May our collective humility fall under His merciful watch.

As we ride the waves of time, we must segment our lives into small, manageable periods of self-evaluations, education, and application. Let us reaffirm those same values that brought us blessings and successes through ever-shifting tides.

As a business establishment, we must always value business goals over operational excellence. Excellence is surely the fuel to the engine of success, but goals drive the vehicle. As a unit, we never compromise our brand value, operational excellence, and commitment for our actions, just as we never compromise regulatory compliances for our goals. Only a balanced approach without tunnel vision can stand the test of time. We must never be so tunneled and caught up in the comfort zone of our designated role that we fail to seek challenges. It is the brilliance of our imperfections when we tackle new challenges that light our path ahead. To err is human, and the acknowledgment of the mistakes we make along that path only make those challenges easier to bear. Acknowledging our weaknesses and striving to mitigate it is where strength lies. 

Business goals may change with time, but values remain. Our establishment has never been stagnant in its stride, and we must always sustain its adaptive capacity. Our esteemed superiors and their diligent subordinates must not only participate in harmonious coexistence but also a symbiotic relationship of trust, integrity, and dependency. Regardless of how little or big the contribution may be, each participant must take full ownership of their position. Allah SWT has graced our establishment so that we remain free of stress from financial constraints and bureaucratic setbacks. This sets us up perfectly in the position to be devising bold, new strategies for seizing new opportunities. By the grace of Almighty we have survived COVID-19, and with His mercy we shall continue to rise above many such trials as long as we manage to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. We should try to be a family and help each other at times of need. United we stay strong, happy, and peaceful. Focusing on the quality of life, not only for ourselves or our stakeholders, but for the country as a whole. 

May we find strength in our conviction, purpose in our step, and self-actualization in our perspectives. May the United family remain a united family.

Sincerely yours.

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