44th Foundation Day Message – Chief Advisor

Dear Well-wishers and Members of United Family, 

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Alhamdulillah. It brings me great joy to celebrate the 44th Foundation Day of United Group with you all today. Myself and on behalf of Founders & Directors of United Group, congratulate you all to be with us to reach this milestone and applaud you all on your individual and collective achievements on reaching this significant moment with your persistence, resilience and determination. 

Over the last few years, our company has contended with challenging moments. Thankfully, for all the hardships, United Group has prevailed through hard work and strong commitments. We continue to adopt innovative ways of attaining our vision of a world class business house for the advancement of not only our nation but all citizens who are directly or indirectly impacted by our operations. 

As a company, we must continue the progression of improvement and meaningful change. I, therefore, call on all employees to support the corporate leadership so that we may all reap the benefits of a more responsive, resourceful and effective system for creating value for our customers and beneficiaries. 

My fellow colleagues, you must build confidence, take ownership and bring growth and sustainability to the business. Those who are at the leadership role in the company are expected to work together to bring maximum efficiency and coordination to the system. You have to learn from mistakes but if you repeat mistakes that is detrimental for the company. Similarly, you have to avoid wastage. Identify weakness and strive for continuous improvement and excellence. 

Finally, May Almighty Allah provide us with both the ability and opportunity to continue our journey forward. I wish you all a very healthy, happy and prosperous life. May Allah bestow HIS infinite mercy and blessings upon us all.  Ameen. 

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