Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF) brought the first ever Bangladesh Retail Awards 2021 aimed towards recognizing the organizations and initiatives modernizing retail in the digital era. The coveted accolade honored the retailers who have best responded to changing consumer habits during unprecedented times by tailoring experiences, producing standout campaigns, and closing the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Bangladesh Retail Awards has honored the most deserving retail business and retailers in 16 distinct categories this year.

Chef’s Table Courtside won the Experiential Retailer of The Year Award 2021. 

The necessity of a recreational gathering place for family & friends is where the story of Chef’s Table began. Chef’s Table Courtside aims towards providing a great outdoor experience to the consumers with wide variety of hygienic & quality food items. Chef’s Table Courtside envisions to become a socially responsible entity that people can trust and will choose every time, when it comes to spending quality time with Family & Friends.

What sets Chef’s Table Courtside is our commitment to the nature and society. Recycling has been a major concern for us. Our main structure is made of recycled shipping containers. There are many exceptional and interesting toys for the kids, like – Pirate Ship, Horses, Aeroplane, Tyre Car etc., all of which are made of recycled woods & tires.

Chef’s Table Courtside is continuously working towards hosting and arranging various activities, which will be meaningful in terms of mental growth & development, especially for kids. Chef’s Table Courtside intends to become the ultimate family destination, where each & every member of the family will have meaningful engagements to ensure quality time.

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